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Friday, August 11, 2006

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Our dear Beloved in the Lord,

Loving greetings from Chennai.

We thank you for your fellowship and love over the past. Here is our first letter from Chennai to update you about us. We moved to Chennai by the first of June, in connection with the educational needs of Joash. This involved us getting relieved from IMA and a complete relocation including new schools for children. This was another step of faith and we press on as the journey continues.

Children at School
Joash’s Special School
Joash will be getting training to appear for the National Open School syllabus. He will have to clear 8th and 10th exams. There are 85 students of different levels at his school. From July, Joash started going by bicycle with much hesitation of driving a ‘lady cycle’. He is much interested in continuing skating. (Not on ice!). At present, we are unable to send him. But he is very much frustrated on this. Japhia is in class VI and Jerusha is in LKG. Both go to CSI Jessy Moses School in Anna Nagar, near Blue Star. We long to move to a place closer to the school. We still struggle with managing the time, especially with Joash.

My Work and Ministry Ahead
I found a temporary work with CIM in Pubic Relations. Through CIM, I am helping the churches and missions in the country to excel in management and leadership. This takes care about half of our living expenditure here. After a few months of settling here, we still need to pursue our specific ministry as well- supporting missions through research and communication assistance. I would like to continue to see profiles of needy and least reached people groups prepared so that it will eventually help their transformation. For this, we need the partnership of people like you and others who can pray and stand with us. Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

People Profiles
Before we moved from Hyderabad, I had edited a booklet with profiles of 30 people groups. This prayer mobilization book is available with IMA, Hyderabad. I am sure after some time of these struggles; we will be more available to support the cause of mission among the least reached in the country through my full involvement. Meantime, I am planning to get 10 profiles published digitally in the form of a small cost effective website. This will be ready in a few weeks time; log on to We see in faith each of these unreached peoples will have workers among them, sent by the Lord as He had asked to pray. (Matthew 9:37). Our prayer together will bring meaning to these lives. There are 52 tribal groups on the hills of Western Ghat alone, most of them untouched by development and the love of Christ. Would you like to stand with us in compiling similar stories of the least privileged and reached people elsewhere ? These profiles will lead many to pray and go or enhance the churches and missions in that area. If you would like to sponsor any cost of researching and publishing it in any format, Kindly let us know.

My father is staying alone at home in Nilambur with out any plans to shift. We need to attend to several issues in this respect. He is old and needs help. Jessy’s mother too lives alone in Chengannur, but she has families near by. We appreciate your prayers for them.

Thank you for what you have meant to Us
We cherish the fellowship we had together at different occasions. We are thankful to the Lord for the time we had in Hyderabad. He took us to the city and lead and continue to lead us in this place as we seek His perfect will in everything. Do keep in touch with in any way possible to you that we can keep you updated.

Pray with us

>> satisfying work that will attend to our physical needs
>> plans to profile more least-reached peoples
>> academic improvement of Joash and Japhia
>> our parents >> for a convenient house.

We love and look forward to hearing from you.
With prayerful regards ,

Philipose Vaidyar and Jessy


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